Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter 11 &12

They are not taught to read, to write, to speak, or to be proud of themselves or their race" (p.234).
This passage in the chapte spoke to me because out of both chapters this is where you understand where Pat Conroy really comes out foe his students. He shows compassion for his students and lets the board know how he feels about the way they handle this school on the island. He even notes that if they were white there would be no question of education and literacy. But since they are black they are thrown under the bus and not thought of again. I do not understand how any school or board could not have compassion for students who are willing to learn. How does a teacher, principal, administrator be in this field and not want their students to get the best out of an education. What is the point if not to teach our students and ensure a fututre for them. The students are the sole prupose for us as teachers is to teach and helpm the students learn. I mean how does this board not see that. Oh this has just got me burned up. The board does not even care about these students and it is obvious that the administration does not either except for Pat Conroy.  I think that maybe into his first few days, he began to realize that himself. He took it upon himself even when he did not have to to make sure his students learned something everyday they were in class. I should say out of class as well. With Conroy there was always learning involved. This is what I liked so much about this book. It is inspiring to see a teacher of his capacity to devote his life to teaching young minds and ensure learning is taking place.

Friday, March 16, 2012

chapter 9 & 10

"This was my own greatest problem. How much did the kids know and what should I teach them?" (p.183).

This is one of the most common problems for all teachers I believe. Most teachers want to know how much do the students know and how are we going to help them learn?  We as teacehrs are going to really learn and observe our students to get an understanding of how the students learn because there are many different learning styles for many different students. We are going to have to assess the situation and act accordingly in order for the students to get the best education there is possible.During my field experience I have observed and gathered useful information concerning classroom management, how to integrate more than one subject, and most importantly how to relate to my students. First of all like Conroy, I want to get to know my students and find out where they come from. Getting to kow my students is important because  as a teacher we must understand how the students live and what type of background they come from. Conroy, got to know his students and the parents to better educate his students. He got on a personal level with them, talk like he understood what they were talking about and taught what he thought the students would enjoy. Even with the criticism he received from Mrs. Brown, he still persisted to ensure the students learned and received an education. I admire Conroy for this and hope I can aspire to be as good a teacehr and strong as a teacher as he was.