Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Articulation was not a personal forte, and I often had to backtrack, slow down, or repeat something again and agin before they caught the gist of what I said"

Pat Conroy is determined to ensure learning is going on in his classroom. Many teachers get agitated when they have to keep repeating themselves, but that is the proper way to ensure learning is taking place. Most of his students he knew did not know anything about anything so why wouldn't he continue to repeat himself. I want to make sure my students learn at every aspect. Teaching means repetition so the teacher knows the students are learning. The students need clarity from the teacher to know what is expected of them as well as the teacher needs clarity from the student to know that they are learning the information being given. Pat Conroy does everything he possibly can with the limited amount of resources that he has to use in the classroom. Mrs. Brown is not a principal who is willing to help her teachers, in particular Mr. Conroy. I hope the school that I teach at has an administration that is willing to help in the classroom. A principal is suppose to be there for his/her teachers as a guide to ensure learning is taking place in the classroom. I think Mr. Conroy would do better as a principal because he really wants his students to learn. He cares about their education and how well they do in the outside world. That is outside Yamacraw Island. He understands that his students know nothing of theoutside world off this island. He wants them to know what is out there for them as they finish school and maybe continue their education if it is possible. He encourages them on a daily basis. He gets to their level and teaches the way way only they can understand. I am really enjoying this book and I see Mr. Conroy growing alonside his students as they learn.

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  1. I also thought Mrs. Brown really didn’t seek the best interest of the students or the teachers. She seemed to be to wrapped up in impressing the white people of Yamacraw to really do what she needed to do to help her own. I think the same thing is true for a lot of principals today, including private childcare settings as well. It is time for the state to come at my daycare and, they start filling the rooms with new toys and materials. It makes me so mad, because it is clearly not about the children. I had some activities set up in the room to help my students learn the alphabet and it had to be put away because it wasn’t in “the right place.” That is something I struggle with as well.