Thursday, February 23, 2012

“I told him firmly, forcefully, and with conviction that I considered the Yamacraw School a tragedy, a mockery of education, a condemnation of our county, and a situation that called for desperate, radical ideas and methods”(p.166).

This sentence tells me that Pat Conroy was adamant about how he felt concerning this school where he taught at. Mrs. Brown did not care about the students and their education. He had had enough. He wanted to tell the board exactly what he felt needed to be done. If I had to listen to Mrs. Brown on a daily basis I do believe I would have left that school every day wanting to hit something. She just really did not care at all about the students and what kind of education they were getting. Pat Conroy tried everything there was to do to get his students a good education and Mrs. Brown fought him every step of the way. I am intrigued to know why he just did not give up. He had so many obstacles placed in front of him daily especially when Mrs. Brown comes around the corner and scolds him for the progress he is doing. I honestly believe Conroy wants these students to succeed in life. He does not judge them; he only tries to teach them the skills they will need when they get out of school. My point of view that is exactly what a teacher is supposed to do. Teach and educate the students to be prepared for the world outside of school.


  1. I think that this statement shows the heart of the heart of the problem. Everything he said was true, but viewed the Yamacraw school in this light. They felt that the school was not worthy of anything. People threw money and help at the island as a way of making them feel good about themselves; they were helping the "Poor little nigger children". They took on this attitude when in actuality very few of them really truly cared about the children at the school. The Yamacraw school was a mockery of education. There was nothing going on there that should be present in the educational system and it definitely needed "desperate, radical ideas and method".

  2. You know, it is intriguing to know why he did not give up. Perhaps we should finish the book and think about this question some more. If we don't feel like we know the answer, maybe we should contact Mr. Conroy on his blog. Remind me if I forget. =o)