Monday, February 20, 2012

"I still refused to use the strap, race through textbooks the kids couldn't read, or give the kids hours of homework"chpt7

Now by this time Conroy is having trouble controlling the kids in the classroom. Mrs. Brown as usual wants to just beat the children to make them "listen". There are other ways that Conroy finds to help his classroom calm down a bit and listen. Throughout this chapter Mrs. Brown wants to be in complete control but the students only listen because they are afraid. I for one do not want to partake in my students being afraid of me. I want them to be able to be comfortable in the classroom. Beating a child each and every time they do wrong is not going to accomplish anything except make more problems. Students need to have discipline but also need to be understood. There are reasons for everything. I just do not think beating a child all day long is worth the trouble. Teaching the students discipline and understanding, making sure they understand and know the consequences are important for a healthy classroom. Conroy may have his unique strategies and he knows he has to listen to Mrs. Brown because she is the principal, but he still uses his own way of doing things. What makes a good teacher is not how often he/she uses the strap but how the teacher involves his/her self in the students’ lives.


  1. Cathy,
    I don't think Conroy was having trouble controlling the kids in the classroom. I think that he was controlling how they learn through a different manner than that they were use too. The bathroom situation was just a boy being a boy, but still needing correction. I do not think that he needed a beating for hanging from the urinal. I do believe Mr. Conroy could have solved the problem through another avenue than beating the kid. Conroy began to cut Mrs. Brown off from telling him how to teach the children. If you recall he didn't listen about the videos being played in the classroom. Conroy's unique strategies of teaching is what is gaining the respect from the students and the people on the island.

  2. Hmmm - very interesting thoughts from Teresa on the control issue. Let's read some more and see what we think about this.