Monday, February 6, 2012

"Whenever we learned something new, it beame part of the pep rally. I would often go to the map and point to a country, or a continent, or a river or ocean, and ask them to identify it".
This sentence really spoke to me. This told me how dedicated Pat Conroy was to educating his students. He used avaiable resources to help his students identify their location and learn. Many teachers today use the same process but also step outside the box and dip into their own pockets to ensure their students learn. It is amazing how teaches set aside their lives to help a student learn and have an education. I feel Pat Conroy is insistent upon taking all means neccessary to ensure learning is occuring in his classroom. The students seem enthused about the learning that is taking place. I understand that not every aspect about school is always about fun, but when you can engage students fully into the learning process that is important. Students need to be comfortable and at ease when learning is taking place in the classroom. They will be able to take this with htem wherever they may go. The students will have a greater appreciation for school and possibly be excited about going to school even furthering their education. The students will come in ready to learn and find new ways to learn. The teacher will be excited as well about teaching his/her students daily. The ideas and resources can be put to good use everyday.

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  1. This is an example where the sentence itself isn't that unique; it's the idea behind it. As teachers, we have to pay attention to this one. Wow - what a great idea this pep rally idea is! I'm glad you selected this. Good post!