Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Of course, Mrs. Brown would watch the entire spectacle shaking her head disgustedly, screaming at every child who raced past her that this was no way to run a recreation program, that whoever was running this recreation program sure didn't know what in the hell they were doing, and if she were running the program it would certainly be organized better".

This sentence really irritated me. Mrs. Brown really needs to be placed somewhere else instead of the school where she is at. Every time Mr. Conroy tries to do something different with the children, she has some problem with it. In many cases Mr. Conroy is trying his best to ensure the children not only get an education but obtain a well rounded education. All I keep reading is Mrs. Brown is dissatified with the way Mr. Conroy handles his class. I understand that there are certain procedures Mr. Conroy should abide by, but really what harm is he doing by helping his students to have fun while learning. If I am able to get a student to learn by any means necessary then I am. Too many times today children are not put first in thier education. It is always about testing, testing, testing, and more testing. How are children going to learn anything if they are drilled day in and day out it is all about testing. In real life there is other knowledge that these children are going to need to know. There is more to education than just the "Basics" as Mrs. Brown likes to stress all day everyday to Mr. Conroy. Now I do understand that the basics are needed but what about the other material needed. There are many subjects that the teachers only slightly go over that will be needed in real life situations. Math, reading, and science are not the only subjects that are needed to go through life. Good communication skills is just one skill that is super important in the real world. Students need to be able to get their point across so other people can understand what they are saying. Social skills are essential in the real world as well. Everyone has to be able to be social towards each other in order to get through the workforce and social events.

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